TEDx Accra 2012

On the 5th of April 2012, I was lucky enough to be in Ghana while TEDxAccra (@tedxaccra ) was taking place. I love the idea of TEDx and believe that platforms for sharing good ideas, is a great way to foster collaboration. Having been to TEDx London last year, I was looking forward to my first TEDx in Ghana. 

Watch my interview with Jonathan Gosier a designer, software developer, and serial entrepreneur. He now serves as Director of Product for SwiftRiver at Ushahidi building a platform for making sense of streams of realtime data. He’s also the founder of Appfrica and HiveColab a business accelerator and incubator for East African technologists. Appfrica was founded in 2008 and the goal is to build local capacity for young technologist in the region. Appfrica is an active mentoring group and investor for software developers in Africa and works with a number of multinational firms who wish to do work in the continent. He’s also served as an investor for many African startups including the Kuyu Project and Status.ug, a now defunct Ugandan mobile-social network.

It was great to be at TEDx Accra – if you want to follow some great people from the TEDxAccra community – follow @mjamme @Abocco@ttaaggooee @alloysiusattah and @gamelmag .

TEDxAccra gave me the chance to experience tech and start-up culture from across Africa. Twitter has been a great way to continue the conversations and I hope there will be many more TEDx’s across Africa soon.

To find out more about TEDxAccra like the Facebook page here and check out the photo album here. TEDxAccra was only part of my trip to Ghana in April – so over the next few months, I will blog about my other experiences.


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