My highlights from the bloggersí conference

Last weekend I went to my fist blogging conference. It was early on a Saturday morning, but I found my way there hoping Iíd given up my day for a good reason. By the end of the day I knew I had. Here are my top three highlights:

1) first was an inspirational and insightful talk by Gareth Owen, the Director of Emergencies. It was an insight into the work humanitarian workers do. Strangely enough the reality behind the work is complex, logistical and does save lives. Gareth talked about getting the text message alerting him of the Haiti earthquake and how he sprung into auto gear after over 20 years of experience on the job. I understand why humanitarian workers want bloggers and writers to get on board and help them spread the message on the work they are doing world-wide.

2) My second highlight was the Film workshop: From floods to famines by Colin Crowley ERP (thatís Emergency Response Personnel) Communications Specialist. I have always wanted to include more photography and film in†my blogs but have always held back. Colinís workshop made me realise I should start snapping and filming away, but with a focus on how I do it. He used the simple ideas of Whole (capturing the whole vision), medium (head and shoulders) and close-ups shots, to create a story. Also using a portrait catalogue to capture the moments in, with many different subjects in the same position, showed how simple techniques can produce great photographs and add another layer to my blog. We also had a peek at the new†No Child Born to Die†advert, which was great! With todayís technology we all have the power to express our views in many ways through great content, at a click of a button.

3) My third and final highlight was listening to Melvin Burgess explain the importance of a story. As a blogger you know youíre telling some sort of story along the way, yet Melvin helped me understand the importance of telling stories that havenít been told. Allowing a person or a day to become a story that you can write to increase another personís knowledge is so powerful. Powerful in the sense of increasing understanding about international development, yet also in helping understand the people that Save the Children work with worldwide.

The Save the Children team were all very welcoming and friendly.†I look forward to the next blogging conference and well done for organising a well-rounded event .

As posted for Save the Children UK here .


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