Why I was born to write…

I have blogged/written about international development issues since I went to volunteer in Ghana for 10 weeks in the summer of 2009. I fell into the typical mind-set ….’I can write about my travels and my family and friends can see what I am up to…’. This was not the case, as once in the village of Kasapin there was no Internet and the nearest Internet café was over an hour away. So my blog lay empty while I was away. When I got back, I thought that since I took the time and trouble to set up a blog I now have to use it in a different way. The way I chose was to highlight global issues in a way that the everyday person would understand the importance of global issues without being bogged down in international development terminology (which happens so much that the public just switch off). I didn’t know that I would continue to write for this long, I didn’t even think anyone would read my blog, yet people have and this inspires me to continue to write. I love looking at my wordress stats and seeing which posts people have read the most. As long as I find the time, I will continue to write about global issues happening all around the world. Thank you to all those that have ever read my blog, it has helped me realise that I was born to write.


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