Shout about it!!

Last Saturday I shouted and shouted and shouted some more! What about? Well MDGs (the Millennium Development Goals). This week that is what world leaders (or their deputy ministers in some cases) turned their attention to New York at the United Nations MDG Summit. I thought it best I shout my message out through a shiny gold megaphone at Westminster .

What I didn’t know would happen was that my voice would be heard world-wide in a video made that day as part of the Stand Up 2010 global campaign. I’m about 3 mins in talking about our generations rights. This was all part of a great day of Media Training hosted by Oxfam GB (thank you). I thought it would involve being be stuck in an office, but the Oxfam team were great, getting out and about and being involved in an event such as Stand Up 2010!! I was totally unprepared to talk at the event so I just said what I felt that day!!

So the summit is now over, I have had a manic week and I’m going to take a few days to read about the outcomes of the summit and make my own mind up!!


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