DFID, MDG’s and Young People

On Wednesday the 15th of September, I took the day off work to go and meet Nick Clegg (Deputy Prime Minister) and Andrew Mitchell (Minister for International Development) , along with 25 other young people. Above is the ‘official photograph’ and here is the ‘official press release‘ , can you spot me? I’m at the back in blue (next time I will focus more on the photo ops 🙂 ) Back to the important matter of why we were there.

We were there to help represent the views of over 30,000 young people from around the UK on International Development at an event called Our Voice. This was a chance to give young peoples’ views, ahead of the two-day UN Summit in New York which starts today on the Millennium Development Goals (MDG). The MDGwere set in 2000 with the task of achieving them by 2015. Our Voice it involved two mini presentations, a Q&A as well the classic politician speeches. I enjoyed the fact that the Q&A session was very intense, and the ministers did agree to have a similar event in the future.

Was it a PR stunt? Well, I think they listened, I guess the outcome of the summit will show if they did. I think that the most important point if the day, was the about the impact these goals have on all generations. A person may sit in the UK and feel detached from what is going on in other countries, yet in our globalised world, we are all effected by the outcomes of the summit this week. Right after our meeting Nick Clegg and Andrew Mitchell had another appointment at the BOND event with 370 UK NGOs working in international development.

Thank you to the great team at the DFID and VSO Youth Working Group for organising such an opportunity.


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