Launch of UN Women

The launch of the United Nations’ new global body – UN Women – highlights the progress made in the last 65 years of UN work. As Ban Ki-Moon states: “UN Women is recognition of a simple truth: equality for women is a basic human right and a social economic imperative.” This recognition once again will begin to push the issues around women higher up the agenda, rather than just another add on.

(A mini video on gender equality)

As a young woman who has had the chance to increase my human capital, through education up to degree level, I understand how important it is to allow women to know that they have got the right to be valued and have the ability to be a greater part in helping shape the communities that they live in.

The work the UN Women will undertake will be vast. It will begin in January 2011 and is predicted to have twice the current annual budget of around $250m. UN Women will be a unified and influential body to help promote equality for women across the globe. Its formation signifies the change that has been emerging around the world and the need for that change to be supported and recognised.

The economic and social gains made by having a more gender equal society are many; and the once stereotypical attitudes towards women are changing in many places around the world. Yet as a very intelligent man once told me, it is hard to change – but as this UN move proves, it is not impossible.

The UN Women body will form a global platform to facilitate this change and fight against rape, female circumcision; along with many other issues. The many people, women and men, who have worked towards this change need to be thanked, and backed for the next challenging (as ever) steps; as without a strong and complex movement pushing for gender equality in all types of global organisations, businesses and cultures; the reality and prospects of the UN Women is still but a distant dream.

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