The logo for YaarahSchool was finalised while I was away in Ghana. Thanks to the great efforts of the team we now have a visual representation. The progress being made has been rapid. Currently I am in the process of writing an article for the UEAStudent Union newspaper Concrete, if should be published on the 1st of December hopefully. I will focus on my Platform2 experience as well as that Yaarah schools is about.

I am also doing a cake sale at the union cafe (HIVE) with the help of some friends. I hope to raise of money for Yaarahschools and also help to publicizeabout what it is a bit more.

Things are comingtogether bit by bit and with the effort of all the committee we will achieve out ultimate aims and goals.

Here is the link to the website: it is a work in progress. I also have some information on here on the YAARAH SCHOOLS tab 🙂

Adizah 🙂


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